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  • What type of injuries can benefit from an osteopathic treatment?
    Osteopaths can treat many different types of injuries; our specialty is in chronic pains. The goal of an osteopathy treatment is to help regain mobility in the body to optimize function. This can help those suffering from back pain, neck pain, or other musculoskeletal pain (shoulder, knee, ankle, ribs etc). Other reasons for an osteopathic appointment include digestive troubles (such as heart burn, constipation, etc) or cranial related pain (tension headaches, jaw pain etc). Additional reasons to consult can include, but are not limited to, incontinence, nerve pain (sciatica, carpal tunnel) and limited mobility. We also treat women before, during or after pregnancy as well as infants and children.
  • What type of injuries can benefit from an athletic therapy appointment?
    Athletic therapists specialize in acute (recent) injuries as well as rehabilitation for sport related injuries. Athletic therapists are required to complete multiple internships during their bachelors degree to receive their certification that are both on and off field. This allows them to better understand specific sport requirements and what is needed to get you back to your sport or activity safely and as soon as possible. We are also trained in prophylactic taping techniques and exercises, something that can help progress recovery
  • What can I expect during an appointment?
    The first appointment will include an initial evaluation. We will start by asking you a few questions to learn about your current pain as well as previous injuries or trauma to get a better sense of what is causing your pain. We will then proceed with a postural and movement assessment followed by a whole-body mobility evaluation. The first session will include a short osteopathic treatment portion and we will create a plan for the future. Follow up appointments may be needed to ensure full mobility is achieved, you can expect approximately 1-5 appointments for an injury.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me to my appointment?
    Regardless of the location of your injury, we ask that you come with a pair of shorts to change into if needed. We may need to evaluate your torso and may ask that you remove your layers so please we ask that women come wearing a sports bra. If you have had any imaging done relating to your injury, please bring the report and any associated doctor's notes.
  • How can an osteopath help pregnant women & infants?
    Pregnant women can benefit from an osteopathic appointment before, during and after pregnancy. An osteopath will be able to help with the mobility of the pelvis to facilitate child birth and treat some of the complaints that may arise during pregnancy such as back pain, carpal tunnel/sciatica or heartburn. Postpartum, the osteopath will once again work on mobility and ensure there are no lasting effects (pelvic floor, scar tissue etc). Infants can benefit from an appointment for similar reasons, osteopaths ensure proper mobility of the cranium, spine and other joints of the baby similar to adults. As the child ages, an osteopath can also help with new pains that arise that include, but not limited to, chronic ear infections, trouble latching during breast feeding and plagiocephaly.
  • Can you provide insurance receipts for the treatments?
    All of our therapists are able to sign receipts for insurance, before scheduling your appointment please check to see if you are covered for osteopathy and/or athletic therapy. Our osteopaths are either fully certified osteopath D.O. or completing their studies as osteopath I.O., some insurance companies (Blue Cross, Claim Secure, Great West & Green Shield) will only accept D.O. receipts.
  • What should I expect after a treatment?
    After an osteopathic or athletic therapy treatment it is normal to experience some soreness and/or fatigue for approximately 24 hours. You should feel the positive effects of the session about 2-5 days later, but it can take up to 2-3 weeks to feel the full effects depending on the case.

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